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Herbal Tea


Camomile - 50g - 3.50

Whole blossoms provide a fragrant tea that has long been renowned for it's calming effect.

Ingredients: Whole Camomile Blossoms

Available in 50g and 1kg

cinnamon apple

Cinnamon Apple Camomile - 100g - 5.00

A blend that we originally introduced for Autumn & Winter but which is providing a popular blend for all seasons.

Ingredients: Apple pieces (53%), camomile blossoms (35%), cinnamon (7%), flavouring.

Available in 50g, 100g,

Sleep well

Sleep Well - 100g - 5.00

A fragrant relaxing blend.

Ingredients: Valerian root, passion flower herb, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves, fennel, caraway, aniseed, rose hip peels, rosemary leaves, marigold blosoms.

Available in 50g, 100g, 1kg

Nana mint loose leaf tea

Nana Mint Cut - 50g - 3.50

For mint lovers, we offer Nana Mint with a fresh vibrant aroma as an alternative to peppermint.

Available in 50g, 1kg

Peppermint loose leaf tea

Peppermint cut - 50g - 3.50

Freshly cut peppermint leaves are used to make a refreshing tea that is highly satisfying both hot and cold. It continues to be revered for its refreshingly light aroma, as well as its natural, caffeine-free taste.

Available in 50g, 1kg

Ginger Turmeric

Ginger Turmeric - Organic - 100g - 6.00

Fragrant, delicious and caffeine free

Ingredients: Ginger pieces, (18%), apple pieces, (apple, acidifier: citric acid), turmeric (12.5%), moringa leaves, cinnamon, liquorice root, lemongrass, natural flavouring, fennel, rose pepper, ginseng root.

Available in 50g, 100, 1kg

Nettle loose leaf tea

Nettle - 100g - 3.50

Just nettles which is believed to aid digestion.

Ingredients: Nettle leaves cut

Available in 50g

Mountain View

Fennel aniseed (Mountain view) - 100g - 5.00

A newcomer that has fast become one of our most popular blends.

Ingredients: Fennel, rose hip peels, aniseed, blackberry leaves, apple pieces, vervain, wild thyme, harrow root, cornflower blossoms, alchemilla, sage leaves, marshmallow leaves, goldenrod, gentian root.

Available in 50g, 100g, 1kg


Wellness - organic - 100g - 6.00

Packed with fragrant herbs.

Ingredients: Orange peels, apple pieces, aniseed, blackberry leaves, peppermint leaves, cloves, cinnamon, rose hip peels, marigold blossoms.

Available in 50g, 100g, 1kg

Ginger Peeled Cut - 100g - 5.00

Believed to ease indigestion and nausea

Ingredients: Ginger peeled cut.

Available in 50g, 100g, 1kg